North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve Hike


The hubby read this article in Sacramento Magazine and made a mental note for us to add the North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve to our “to do” hiking list! While it didn’t have the abundance of wildflowers we were hoping to see, it was a nice change of pace and a laid back exploring hike.

Look for this sign and you’ve found the start of the trail!

Why we love it: It’s always great to have a hike where the focus is on your child’s discovery of nature. Our 4 year-old loved studying various bugs and getting the opportunity to tell us parents which way we should go!

For the Young Ones (ages 0-10): If your child loves to wander, this is a great hike that’s different than your average outing. Bonus if your little ones also love cows! There’s really only a trail at the start of the hike and it goes through a field that can often have several cows grazing close by! Just remind those little ones not to get too close or spook those guys. (It’s advised you do not approach the cattle closer than 300 feet.)

For the Big Kids (ages 10+): While we didn’t see many wildflowers and there was only one waterfall trickling ever so slightly due to the drought, there was plenty of volcanic rock to examine! Big kids will like blazing their own trail and leading the way.

Keep In Mind:

  • The trailhead isn’t extremely obvious. Look for a parking area with port-a-potties!DSC_2348
  • There is really only a starter trail that fades out and you can choose your own adventure. I strongly recommend you have a compass to find your way back to the parking lot. (The hubby used one on his smart phone!)
  • Some areas have high grass, which ticks love. Make sure to do a tick check before getting into the car after your hike.

Around the Area: We checked out the Sierra Nevada Taproom and Restaurant and had a delicious lunch! (Not to mention a tasty beverage for Mommy and Daddy!) If you’ve already made the drive to Chicco, why not visit a landmark of the beer world? The restaurant was actually full of families and our food was fantastic!

Difficulty Level: Beginner to Moderate, depending on what you take on. Be sure to have a compass!



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