Davis Covell Greenbelt


The Davis Covell Greenbelt is a section of the Davis Greenbelt, a nearly continuous stretch of parks and bike paths that spread out in all directions in the city of Davis. A friend and I decided to do the little hike (read: walk in the park) as a playdate with our four kiddos. It was a great way to keep us all moving!

Why we love it:We loosely followed this map (above) from the book 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles Sacramento, but returned the way we came once the map wanted us to cross the DSC_9349street near Notre Ave. Doing it this way, we only crossed one street (Grande Ave.), and there was still plenty to keep the kids busy. I really enjoyed walking out over Northstar Pond, though it was mostly dry.

For the Young Ones (0-10): Playgrounds and the ability for run freely! Just past Northstar Pond, and again near the tennis courts are bathrooms!

For the Big Kids (10+): You can toss the little ones in a bike trailer and bike the path with the big kids. On bikes, I’d be tempted to do the full loop like on the map above.

Keep in Mind:

  • Share the trail – with bikers and runners also on the trail, make sure to teach the kids to stay right or hop onto the grass when one is coming along.
  • Part of the path is shaded, but not all of it – sunscreen is always a good idea, but I’d definitely recommend it on this trail.

Around the Area:We started and ended at the pedestrian footbridge over W. Covell Blvd., and then walked an additional mile to downtown. Once there, we scarfed down yummy burgers, chicken fingers, shakes, and root beer floats at Burgers & Brews.

Difficulty Level: Beginner



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