Caswell Memorial State Park Hike


Why we love it: There’s lots of shade and it’s super easy to just go whichever way your wandering takes you at Caswell Memorial State Park! Decent trail markers and with the park’s small size, not overwhelming for new hikers or those with little kids. There’s even a trail that’s wheelchair accessible (1/4 mi.)!


Two mamas taking it easy.

For the Young Ones (0-10): The trails are not difficult at all and lots of trail areas are clear enough to let the kids run ahead.


For the Big Kids (10+): If the big kids want to take off on their own, there are plenty of trails that are close but not too close, if you want to just make sure everyone meets back up where you started. (Note: make sure everyone has a trail map!)

Keep in Mind: Bring insect repellent! Some park delicato-tasting-2016employees were nice enough to let us use some of theirs, but I still wish I’d thought to throw mine in my backpack instead of leaving it in the car. Being along the Stanislaus River,  there was lots of standing water we went = lots of mosquitos! Also, all state parks have an entry fee (unless you purchase/have a state parks pass).

Around the Area: If your kids are well behaved (and, I mean it, because there are breakables), you can stop for a free wine tasting (and goldfish crackers!) at the Delicato Wine Tasting Room!

Difficulty Level: Beginner.


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