Lake Clementine Trail Hike


Why we love it: Auburn State Recreation Area (ASRA) has many awesome hikes that are family friendly! This hike had the reward of reaching the Lake Clementine Dam and taking in its power!dsc_2476

For the Young Ones (0-10): The length of any hike in ASRA is entirely up to you! For all except one small part of this hike, the trail is plenty wide. (In that one small bit, there’s enough room for an adult to walk with a child – you just need to pay attention.)

For the Big Kids (10+): Educate the big kids as you walk under the tallest bridge in CA (and third in the US!), Foresthill Bridge. Explain how dams work and how important they are for the region.

Keep in Mind:

  • Park at ASRA headquarters (or along the road) and start the hike at the 139 dsc_2489Lake Clementine gate.  Make sure you have $10 to pay for parking and stick the receipt on your window before starting any hike in the ASRA.
  • To get to the dam, you’ll need to take the trail to Lake Clementine Road (downhill to your left). Once at the bottom of the slope, look for the little trail off the left of the road that will take you to the dam viewing area.


Around the Area: We discovered Flaming Burrito in Auburn and gobbled it up for lunch! Great variety of salsas, friendly service, quality food, and plenty to fill you up!

Difficulty Level: Moderate.


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