Redwood & Coyote Peak Loop Hike (Bothe-Napa Valley State Park)


Why we love it: The Redwood Trail to Coyote Peak Loop is  a nice 4+ mile hike for family hikers that are beyond beginner level. I took my adult cousin (who is most certainly a beginner hiker – sorry, Alicia!) because I thought it’d be awesome to get a view from up top, and then go do some wine tasting! I loved that it was moderately challenging and I really appreciated the beauty of the vegetation in this state park.

For the Young Ones (0-10): I would not recommend this hike for your average little person. If your children are closer to age 10 and experienced hikers, this hike is a good challenge.

For the Big Kids (10+): If your older children enjoy hikes going up, this is the hike for you! The gradual route up gets you excited as you get closer and closer to the top!

Keep in Mind: alicia-and-felicia-hike-water-2016

  • I picked this hike because of its location and because I read an article that touted the vineyard views from up top. Up top there is no such view, so it was a bit anti-climatic. However, right before the final stretch to the top, it’s a good place to stop and take in a pretty view of the hills (see photo below).
  • There is a day use fee of $8 per car.
  • Depending on the rainfall around the time you go, you may need to do a little rock hopping at one point of the hike (see photo on right).

Around the Area: Wine tasting! Take your pick of countless places. (I don’t have one to suggest because we took so much time hiking that we didn’t have time to find one that was good and family friendly.)

Difficulty Level: Moderate.


Where I’m standing to take this photo is the best place to relax and take in the view of the hills.




One thought on “Redwood & Coyote Peak Loop Hike (Bothe-Napa Valley State Park)

  1. Was the article you read about the trail in Sunset? They obviously never hiked the trail themselves or they would have known the views were minimal. For what it is worth, if you want phenomenal Napa Valley views, hike the trail in the Rector Reservoir Wildlife Area. You can see from downtown San Francisco and the Bay all the way up Napa Valley to the Calistoga area. It is spectacular!

    Here is an image of the view towards SF:


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