Elk Grove Creek Trail

DSC_2736Why we love it: If you’re in the Elk Grove, CA area it’s an easy way to get in a nice walk and exposure to a bit of nature without heading out of town. We did just a portion of the trail, starting at the shopping center with Peet’s Coffee and Leatherby’s Ice Cream on Laguna Blvd. (between Big Horn Blvd. & Laguna Springs Drive) and heading south. (You can take either side of Elk Grove Creek.) We took the west side of the creek and it was my intention to take it all the way to the playground at Oneto Park, but it was under major construction when we got there!

For the Young Ones (0-10): Our six year-old stopped about every ten feet, checking out bugs on the walkway. Our little guy stayed safely in the stroller and the surface of the trail on this part of the trail is quite easy with the two of them. There were a few walkers with dogs, but they all were on leashes and held them close when passing.


For the Big Kids (10+): There are educational signs along the trail that older kids may enjoy reading, but this may be on the boring side for older kids. Honestly, our six year-old found it boring once there was no goal of getting to a playgrounIMG_5972.JPGd. Nonetheless, we needed to get some fresh air and wanted to spend time together, so it certainly serves that purpose.

Keep in Mind: On the route we took, there is no shade so wear sun protection and don’t go during the heat of the day.

Around the Area: Did you see my mention of Peet’s and Leatherby’s above? There’s also I Love Teriyaki, Nothing Bundt Cakes, McDonald’s, and more in the shopping center.

Difficulty Level: Beginner.


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