NorCal Ladies Only Hike – April 23

Photo credit: Weekend Sherpa

Drum roll, please…

The location of the ladies-only (no significant others or kids) hike is…

Mount Tam’s Cataract Falls!

I’ve had my eye on this hike for quite some time, but when I came across this article from Weekend Sherpa (check out their updated site!), I knew this was the hike!


I am NOT a trained hiking guide. Know your limits, do your own research (trail conditions, weather, etc.) and do your own prep (snacks, water, first aid, sunscreen)! While I’m happy to share what I have and know, we’re all adults.

We will hike at the pace of the slowest hiker.

If coming from the Sacramento area, plan to be gone most – if not all – of the day.

Photography is encouraged!


Sunday, April 23, 2017

7:30 AM – Elk Grove, CA: pick-up/caravan meet-up

~8 AM – Davis, CA: pick-up/caravan meet-up

10/10:30 AM: Arrive at Mt. Tamalpais State Park

~10:30 AM – TBD: Hike to the falls, take photos along the way, enjoy snacks, soak in the outdoors, and then head back to cars.

After hike: If you’re game or carpooling, grab some grub as a group!

TBD: Head home!

To join in on the fun, message Family Trail Time via Facebook!


4 thoughts on “NorCal Ladies Only Hike – April 23

  1. Sorry I missed this invite. My emails have gotten overwhelmed with spam lately so some important ones got lost in the fray. And I actually had to work that weekend anyway but maybe I can catch one in the future. Please keep offering these types of opportunities.


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