Difficulty Level of Hikes

Whenever there’s a hike posted on the blog there will be a corresponding difficulty level at the bottom of the post. Please note that these are only loose guidelines. You need to: 1) always know the limitations of the members of your group; and 2) research the current trail and weather conditions beyond the post.

Difficult: Only attempt if you are an experienced hiker and know you AND your family’s limitations. Challenging terrain, 3+ miles, any variety of signage, hiking boots strongly recommended, and likely that in-shape, healthy and fit teens and adults could conquer.

Moderate: May have some inclines, 3+ miles, good signage or not terribly difficult to figure out your way, sneakers/trail runners or hiking boots recommended, and likely that a 10 year-old could conquer. Not recommended for those with children who may stray (running far ahead, getting too close to drop-offs, etc.) After the hike, parents sore if out of shape, not used to inclines, chased kiddos, or carried heavy loads (children, food, or otherwise).

Beginner: Usually mostly flat, usually 3 miles or less, easy to find your way and/or excellent signage, easily done in sneakers or sandals, and likely that a 5 year-old could conquer on foot. After the hike, parents only sore if chased kiddos or carried heavy ones.


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